The Herald of Social Sciences is a multi-lingual, interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal published every four months. It is the oldest periodical of humanities and social sciences of the NAS RA (founded in 1940), on the pages of which numerous generations of specialists in the abovementioned fields have been raised and matured. In 1940-1943 it was published as the Proceedings of Social Sciences of Armfan (Armenian Branch of USSR Academy of Sciences), in 1943-1965 – as Bulletin of Social Sciences of Academy of Sciences of Armenia.   
In 1966 the journal was renamed into Herald of Social Sciences. It was published irregularly in 1940-1947,  in 1948-1990 it was a monthly periodical, in 1991 was published every 2 months, in 1992-1995 – every three months, and from 1996 to the present – every four months. During different periods the chief editors of the Herald were prominent scholars, such as H. Orbeli (establisher), S. Karapetyan, H. Batikyan, Kh. Momjyan, M. Nersisyan, A. Hovhannisyan, Ts. Aghayan, G. Stepanyan, H. Aslanyan, G. Abov, H. Intchikyan, V. Mikayelyan, A. Kharatyan. Since the end of 2017 the editor-in-chief of the journal is P. Avetisyan.